Making Your House An Irresistible Showpiece

In our HGTV world buyer expectations have never been higher.  When getting a house ready to sell, gone are the days of doing a thorough cleaning, putting away family photos and calling it good.  Homes selling for Top Dollar have mastered the art of presentation with carefully staged, show-ready indoor and outdoor spaces.  If that’s true, you may ask . . .


    1.   Can I put my home on the market with my furniture?
    2.   Is it better to stage the entire house with new furnishings?
    3.   Should we move out, so the house is vacant for showings?


First, you may absolutely list a home with your furniture.  In fact, most of my clients do so because I have developed a finely tuned system that works every time.  Taking cues from a home’s architecture and character is the basis for my presentation strategy.  Like its owners, each house has a style and personality, so I draw them out by placing your things in a curated fashion.


We limit the number of pieces to create roomy spaces so buyers visualize their things.  I accessorize with design elements buyers like, adding select pieces from my staging inventory as needed.  I love enhancing a home’s personality with your special treasures.  They add a unique flair as opposed to a rental furniture showroom vibe.


However, there are times when a home shows best vacant and staged with new furniture.  A small condo, for example, feels airier and more open with limited, modern pieces and clean lines vs. overfilled with large-scale furniture stealing focus from its light, flow and features.  When you leave town or move to another home with your household items, I handpick accessories and rental furniture that complement the home’s mood, adding a comfortable, creative tone.   As a member of the Staging & Design Network, I have access to high-quality art, accessories and furniture used exclusively for home staging.  I’m happy to consult with homeowners as early and as often as needed, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.