From Day 1 as your realtor my single-minded resolve is turning your dreams into reality.  As we head down the path toward buying or selling a home, future negotiations are always in mind.  Tending to detail and preventing roadblocks set the stage for success.  My style is Principled Negotiation, developed through the Harvard Negotiation Project’s practice-focused research and described in Getting to Yes.

But being your fervent advocate is just the beginning.  When negotiating purchase contracts and inspection-related repairs, emotions can run high.  You benefit most from an objective ally stepping in to calm the waters and direct the conversation toward creative solutions.  Simply put, I can land your best deal by nurturing friendly relations with the other side, asking good questions, and finding common ground that best serves you.  Strategy is based on knowing the market, property condition, and interests of the parties.  A well-crafted contract with your Plan B in mind (BATNA) is the cherry on top.

But the negotiation begins long before putting pen to paper.  It starts with my good reputation built on 20+ years of successful transactions.  With Windermere behind my name, brokers have added respect and have even chosen my clients in competition, knowing the transaction will be smooth and professional.  Valuable details can get lost in digital exchanges, so I make voice-to-voice connection with brokers as soon as a possible sale is on the horizon.  Experience with diverse personalities, cultural practices, and properties has taught me volumes about persuasion science.  The National Association of Realtors RENE certification reflects a commitment to excellence and continued growth in this important aspect of the business.

Buying or selling a home can be an emotional journey.  I want you to arrive happy.