Meet Paula

Happy clients and great homes are my passion. 

Two things drive me . . .


  • Knowing my clients love their homes year after year.
  • Transforming homes into irresistible showpieces when it’s time to sell.

For most of us a house is our biggest asset, but we don’t buy and sell for years at a time, making it easy to lose touch with changing market conditions. This can lead to mistakes, and real estate mistakes affect your bottom line in a big way – to the tune of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These are a few of the reasons it’s critical to partner with a seasoned real estate professional early in the process of buying or selling. Our current market is quick and demands advanced strategies to assure your success. Working with industry leader, Windermere, my clients benefit from cutting edge practices, creative financing, and strategic partners.

But all it takes to sell a home today is a sign in the yard – right?  Not so fast.

There are always homes that languish on the market, sell below market value, or fail to sell – even now. My expertise is in helping homeowners avoid pitfalls, create a sensation in the marketplace, and sell quickly at a HIGHER price, netting you more walkaway cash.

Real estate is both art and science, and my approach is a combination of the two.

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