You take a jet from Honolulu to Seattle.  It’s a daylight flight with clear skies.  The plane lands safely.  You’re thinking those pilots are overpaid.  You take the same jet at night, when there’s a vicious cross wind at Honolulu and dense fog at SeaTac.  Now you’re thinking those pilots can’t be paid enough when my life is on the line.

Similarly, some real estate transactions move ahead with little or no turbulence; others, as in the fog and crosswind situation, are fraught with dangers.  With an attention to detail bred in the bone, Windermere agents foresee problems.  We head them off with due diligence and proper contract provisions.  The trained professional makes it look easy.  That’s attention to detail and experience at work.

When the unforeseen occurs in a real estate transaction, when things go wrong that could not be anticipated – the sudden crosswind or the fog bank, then the agent really earns that commission. 

Consider these bumps in the night:

  • A fair housing discrimination claim.
  • The unexpected LID charge (local utility district).
  • The dishonored earnest money check.
  • An abandoned on-site sewage system (septic).
  • The buyers suddenly want to store things in the garage before closing.
  • The pest/home inspector turned out to lack a proper license.

You can fill out the rest of this litany of laments.  Between mutual acceptance and close, lots of unexpected winds may call for a steady hand at the controls.

As with air flight, despite best planning, real estate transactions can get bumpy.  It’s then that you want your fate in the hands of the best professional the industry can produce.

You want a Windermere agent to bring your plane in on time, profitably, and safely. 

by Will Bruce & Tim Bruce