Neighborhood experience can be helpful, but there is a bigger picture at stake.  Choosing a real estate broker is a big decision, not unlike finding a life partner.  A great relationship is based on more than good looks and money.  Compatibility, common goals, and character are big considerations.  Buying or selling a home is a complex, emotional experience especially in this competitive market.  Teaming up with a Realtor who really listens, smartly advances your interests, and expertly guides you through the entire process will transform the journey into a fun adventure.

Paula answered the call of real estate early, designing her first home as a local custom build.  She has watched Seattle-Bellevue transform into a thriving metropolis, intimately acquainted with communities on both sides of Lake Washington.  Based on the eastside for 20 years, she is a proven Neighborhood Specialist with the skills needed to analyze micro-neighborhoods and their impact on home values.  When selling, you can trust her to turn the house into an irresistible showpiece – the secret that most impacts your bottom line.  And she is committed to creating a stress-free experience, one you will want your friends to share as well.